“A Blog Post a Day…”

By Joe Cunningham, Internet Marketing Manager

“A blog post a day keeps the competition away.”  Coined a new phrase.

When I started out at Cowley as an Internet Marketing Manager, one of the first things I did was try to revitalize the blog.  We went from one or two posts a month to around 10, included the whole team in the effort, and created a company mascot we could use to promote local biz.  I have been noticing a lot of positive response across the board regarding the content, and it looks pretty darn nice too.  And, most importantly, we’ve been noticing a steady increase in conversions on our website (people who fill out our “Contact Us” form to learn more about hiring us).

However, I’m not one to sit on my [self] and be happy with the way things are.  We are still not #1 for every keyword we are targeting on Google, and we’re all not driving BMWs – yet.

A Blog Post a Day

Yesterday, I sat down at my desk in the morning, feeling not bad for a Monday (today I feel like death, by the way: Tuesday, the new Monday), and before looking at Outlook and all the fun in store for me there, I opened up a new Word doc and wrote a blog post!

It was done in minutes and I sent it off to be censored, quickly, which happened and I posted it equally as fast.  The point is: “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”  First time you heard that right?  (That was sarcasm.  80% of what I say is sarcasm.)

There Is a Way

I remember looking at our Google rankings last year (we were on page 3 for most everything that counted) and feeling a tad bit discouraged.  “How are we going to make it?”  “Is all this SEO stuff really going to work?”  Etc.

Well, it worked.  It took a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, and time.  And some money.  But it works!

Blogging is definitely my favorite part of my job and it also translates into helping the company grow through SEO.  A real win-win if you ask me.

Jeff BullasSo from now on (minus tomorrow because I have the day off with my son), I’ll be attempting a blog post a day.  A very successful online marketer, Jeff Bullas (JeffBullas), publishes several.  I’m pretty sure he has a team to help him but his 191k followers confirm that his website has something to say.  Huffington awarded him among the Top 100 Business Twitter accounts and he’s a Forbes Top 50 Social Media Power Influencer.  This guy doesn’t fool around.

Another inspiration for this decision was the Social Media Breakfast Syracuse, whose last event Poe and I were panelists in on "To Blog or Not To Blog."  The long and short of it is: blog!

I haven’t decided yet if this is going to be the blog post for today or if I owe this new commitment another one.  About to open my Outlook and find out.

“Good Is the Enemy of Great”

In any case, just wanted to communicate my new plan, and in some way, inspire you to do that thing that will change your business and life from just being good to being great.

Feel free to send in questions to inspire blog posts as answers.  We love feedback.

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