Digital Ads and PPC Strategy for Holistic Blends

Holistic Blends Digital Advertising Cowley Associates
Jul 29th, 2015

By Cowley Team

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Holistic Blends is a family of nutritional supplements and cookbooks created by Sherry Brescia, a nationally recognized figure in the health and digestion industry. Her locally Syracuse-owned and operated company, Holistic Blends, helps people of all ages find their “unique blend of natural measures to support optimal health.” Sherry started with her health guide and recipe book, “Great Taste No Pain” to help those with digestive issues naturally ease their discomfort while enjoying delicious meals. She then evolved into supplemental products such as the SuperShield multi-strain probiotic, and VitalMega-3 fish oil, to name a few.

Cowley has teamed up with Syracuse Media Group to help Holistic Blends with their Pay Per Click campaign and strategy and also their digital re-messaging ads. The creative on the ads focuses on getting consumers back to the website to try the Holistic Blends family of products and really start feeling better in natural and safe ways. Cowley will also be revamping the Holistic Blends website for an enhanced user experience and e-commerce functionality.

Take a look at the creative below, and be on the look out for the new website in the upcoming months!

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