Today's Topic Is: Web Design

Having a company website these days is a no-brainer considering how important it is to be found where people are (online) and provide an explanation of your company's products and services.  However, not just any website will do.  Your website is your foremost professional presence online and should convey both in content and form who you are as a company.  Your level of professionalism will determine your ability to garner new business.  We at Cowley understand the principles of creating amazing, beautiful company websites that are search engine optimized and completely user friendly.  Read about our vast knowledge on the subject here.

Client Spotlight: Beautiful Mess Productions

Aug 30th, 2013
By Joe Cunningham, Internet Marketing Manager

Recently, Cowley had the pleasure of taking on a new type of website redesign project that we are particularly proud of, for Beautiful Mess Productions.“Beautiful Mess” is a band...

The Guy

Aug 15th, 2013
By Joe Cunningham, Internet Marketing Manager

“The guy could be a girl.  You should start out with that.” – Jesse Clayton, Art Director at Cowley We do a lot of websites.  It’s a pretty complicated process and...

Google Analytics For Dummies

Jul 09th, 2013
By Joe Cunningham, Internet Marketing Manager

Don’t get me wrong, I would have clicked on this in a heartbeat when I first started my internet marketing gig.  Google Analytics was always the elusive, mysterious, powerful...

My Favorite Evolutions In Web Design - Are You Staying Current?

Jun 24th, 2013
By Chris MacSaveny, Web Developer

Web development and design has changed a lot in the past 10+ years that I have been coding websites.  The landscape has evolved; you simply couldn't do the stuff you can do...


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