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Kevin Spacey E*Trade

Sep 02nd, 2014
By Zachary Clark, Account Coordinator 

A new TV commercial from E*Trade goes away from talking babies and into explaining that some people are "Type E." (A play on words from "Type A") The spot utilizes Kevin Spacey,...

Fox Sports Telenova

Aug 28th, 2014
By Zachary Clark, Account Coordinator 

Check out this great 30-second spot from Fox Sports featuring Joe Buck and Troy Aikmen.

Google Pigeon Update Syracuse NY

Aug 11th, 2014
By Zachary Clark, Account Coordinator 

A few weeks ago, Google modified their search algorithms in an update being dubbed, the “Pigeon Update” by

Social Media Optimization Cowley Associates Syracuse New York

Aug 07th, 2014
By Erin Yackavage, Marketing Intern

How do I get more likes on Instagram? How do I get more retweets on Twitter? What is the point of having social media accounts if no one knows you’re there?

Presentation Resources Center Cowley Associates

Jul 22nd, 2014
By Zachary Clark, Account Coordinator

I am so excited to launch the Presentation Resources Center, something we’ve been working on here at Cowley over the past

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