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The Anatomy of

Great Advertising

Great advertising is like the human body. There are pieces and elements that shape and mold how it looks and feels.

Every advertisement has a design. It's the face that depicts the look and composition the ad will have.

Advertisements need to be seen and placed by media. Media is the legs that gets the ad in front of someone so they can interact with it.

What an ad sounds like is its copy. Copy is the hands that touch the senses and incite action.

A great ad is never without an even better strategy. Strategy is the brains and tells you where you're going and how you're going to get there.

Looking at an ad and saying "Hey, I really love that." gets to the creativity. You know it's great creative when you can feel it in your gut.

But, what truly drives great advertising is the message. The message is at the heart of any ad and is what keeps it moving and beating.

Great advertising is about your design, media, copy, strategy, creativity, and message. With these components, you're sure to have a great ad!

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