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Recap for Oh Goody Goody

As told by our programmer, Chris MacSaveny:

OhGoodyGoody.com may just be our opus. It is an e-commerce enabled gift certificate system. You can purchase gift certificates for local businesses through the site and send them via email or simply print them. It sounds like an easy task, however, this site is very complex.

The site used to be hosted by a major ecommerce shop provider. This is fine if you are just selling normal physical products and shipping them. However, these products are digital in a way and do not follow the same rules as a basketball or a lamp.  

This is where Cowley and Drupal came in. We had to make a custom ecommerce solution with so much functionality it is hard to list. It automatically generates and sends the pdf certificate, has merchant capabilities to view and mark certificates redeemed, and has full admin reporting and invoicing functions. The site also sends multiple custom formatted email notifications, tracks opened emails, and allows for changing information on the certificate after ordering. There are also gift certificates that you can buy for the site, entitled Goody Bucks, that also required their own share of coding to make happen. 

Our designer, Jesse Clayton, did a masterful job creating the website design for the site. Everything about the site signals gift giving. It feels and looks like the professional site it is and gives you the confidence to buy something fun that your recipient will love. He also did a great job on designing the actual certificate that people are buying.

OhGoodyGoody! is now a site that both looks and functions like a world class ecommerce site. We are so happy to have completed it!


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