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Color Match

Color matching is the perfect way to ensure you're using the exact colors you should be without having an RGB or Hex code. Color matching is perfect for creating a theme and incorporating company colors. Here are some simple steps on how to color match in your presentation and apply it to your shapes and text:

Step 1: Have an Object to Match

Place an object into your presentation and ensure that it is big enough to look at. You can readjust the size later, but to color match, make sure that it's large. Also make sure you have the text or shape you'd like to recolor. For this example we'll choose text.

Step 2: Select "More Colors"

We'd like to change the title of the presentation "How to Color Match" from black text to the green we have in the logo. Simple highlight the text and choose the "More Colors" option under the color tool.

Step 3: Select the Magnifying Glass

Within the "More Colors" pop-up box, select the magnifying glass and rollover the color you'd like. Simply click the color and you'll see the color wheel change to the exact color you just clicked on. Then, click "OK" and you just color matched!

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