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Create Your Own Theme

Creating your own PowerPoint theme or template is simple and an easy way to give a customized look to your presentation. You can add in company logos and colors, and make your presentation stand out from the rest. Also, when creating a theme, you only have to add or change something once to have it apply to your whole presentation. Here are a few simple steps to get you started and some tips on how to enhance your theme:

Step 1: Click on the "Themes" Tab

Step 2: Select "Edit Slide Master"

Step 3: Edit Your Template

Within the editing screen, this is wear you change and customize your template. The first slide is the theme for the Body Slides. This is wear you'll have the bulk of the information so these should look nice and clean.


The next slide down is the Title Slide. That's the opening to your presentation and will also set the color scheme for your Body Slides. When editing the Title Slide, select the "Hide Graphics" button under "Background" so the graphics you select for the Body Slides won't appear on the Title Slide.


To add graphics, shapes, colors, and text styles, reselect the "Home" tab and use those commands while you're still in the "Edit Master" mode.


Once you're done editing your template, simply select "Close Master" and your slides will reflect what you've just created.

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