Keep Good Pace

Be sure to allow your presentation to move along at a nice, steady pace. Don't stay on one slide or idea too long because you run the risk of losing the audience's focus and attention.
Don't get caught up on how many words should be on your slide, the amount of time it takes you to go through a portion of your presentation, or the number of slides you have in general. Instead, focus on how your audience is seeing the information and what they're hearing with it, too.
For an optimal audience experience, pair simple words, phrases, or graphics on screen with what you're saying as a presenter. Use several slides at a steady pace to keep what's on screen moving so your audience always has something fresh to look at. Never let the content on the screen become stale to the point where a listener begins to lose focus.
Here are the top ways to ensure good pace:
#1: Use simple phrases on screen
#2: Break up your content into more slides
#3: Change slides frequently
#4: Use a stop watch to keep track of time
#5: Watch audience cues to see if they're losing attention