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Centering objects on the slide isn't always automatic with PowerPoint. Sometimes the program will show you the proper guide, and sometimes it won't. Centering objects is perfect for Title Slides or making a prominent object that much more aligned. To ensure that your objects or text are always centered on the slide, use the "Static Guides" feature.

Step 1: Place Your Object

Have the object you'd like to center on the slide in your presentation. For this example, we'll use our logo as if we were going to make a simple Title Slide.

Step 2: Select "Static Guides"

You'll see that we have the objects on the slide that we would like to center. You can tell that they're almost centered, but just a little off. We want to fix that and make them perfectly aligned with the slide. So, you go to the "View" tab in the navigation bar, hover on "Guides," and then click "Static Guides." You'll see two blue lines appear: one right down the middle, and the other through the center.

Step 3: Center Your Objects

Select your objects and you'll notice that the center transformation box, doesn't perfectly align with the blue guides that we just put on the screen. Move your objects towards the center until they fit perfectly onto the lines.

Once you're done centering your objects, you can remove the lines so they don't get in the way. Simply repeat the process (View -> Guides -> Static Guides) and you'll see the blue lines disappear. Now you can center all of you objects and ensure that they are all perfectly aligned with the slide!

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