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Below are some different offers that your company or organization can take advantage of.

These are absolutely free (hence the name “Freebies”) and you can get started by just clicking the links.

Presentation Resources Center Cowley Associates

Presentation Resources Center

Get free PowerPoint Templates/Themes, How To's, and Resources to make your next presentation the best ever.

eBook: How to Write a Marketing Plan

There are nine steps to creating a great marketing plan: Situation Analysis, Market Research, Target Audiences, Goals & Objectives, Key Messaging, Strategies & Tactics, Measuring Results, Timeline and Budget.  In this eBook we cover how to write each of these sections and what things you should focus on within them.

Google Analytics For Managers - An Ebook

eBook and Mobile Guide: Google Analytics For Managers

This eBook is designed with you the manager at the heart of it. Every minute you have in the day is valuable. Let this be a resource and guide to the key metrics you should be looking at and paying attention to so you can stay on top of what’s happening with your company’s website.

How To Manage Your Site's Content In Drupal

How To Manage Your Site's Content In Drupal

In this video tutorial series Chris demonstrates how to add and manage content in your Drupal site.  This tutorial series is aimed at people who have had their Drupal site set up for them and are tasked with managing it.

Web Design Evaluation

Your company's appearance online is even more important than in person.  Let us evaluate your website's design and usability for free.

Free Marketing Consultation

Free Marketing Consultation

Receive a free marketing consultation from the executive team here at Cowley! We'll sit down with you and talk about the issues facing your company.

Sell More Better Clients today need so much more than just a traditional advertising agency. They need someone who is versatile, innovative, and above all, integrated with their sales and marketing. Cowley Associates invites you to see why we’re Syracuse’s best in growing sales, revenue, and donors through integrated marketing strategy, web design, branding, and advertising.

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