Marketing Research

We gather, analyze, and interpret to solve your marketing challenges.


We gather, analyze, and interpret to solve your marketing challenges.

Look both ways before you cross the road

Going to market with a new product, service, brand or idea can be risky. Doing so without measuring the external forces in the market is reckless. The difference between them is how you calculate the variables that impact the feasibility of your venture before committing substantial resources to it.

This is the critical role a strategic partner like Cowley can provide. We will gather, analyze, and interpret information relevant to solving your marketing challenges.

Our research allows the organizations we work with to step away from themselves and gain a more objective assessment of the influences that shape their business interests. We remove the inherent bias of self-evaluation to help capture and clarify the perceptions and realities so important to your key marketing decisions.

We’ll approach your new product, service, brand, or idea with a focus that will help:

  •  Analyze and evaluate your existing research efforts
  • Determine quantitative and qualitative methods to gather information
  •  Measure consumer perception, knowledge, and satisfaction in the market
  • Uncover un-met needs and propose strategies to help solve for them
  • Reveal key characteristics of your target audiences
  •  Evaluate your competitors and other market threats
  •  Drive key marketing messages and advertising methods

These are just some of the many reasons you might benefit from having a partner like Cowley who knows how and where to find information that moves your risk further away from happenstance, and closer to probability.

Sell More Better Clients today need so much more than just a traditional advertising agency. They need someone who is versatile, innovative, and above all, integrated with their sales and marketing. Cowley Associates invites you to see why we’re Syracuse’s best in growing sales, revenue, and donors through integrated marketing strategy, web design, branding, and advertising.

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