Pay Per Click Management

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Pay Per Click Management

Your Syracuse PPC (Pay Per Click) Agency

What is Pay Per Click (PPC)?

PPC is digital advertising where you pay a fee every time a web user clicks your ad.

Through competitive bidding and demographic targeting, a PPC campaign can bring immense, immediate, and relevant traffic to your website.

Why is a PPC a good idea for my website?

97% of the population uses the internet to find products and services. PPC campaigns enhance search engines so that ad campaigns can competitively target the demographic you want to reach with your website.

How do you do PPC?

You have to: understand your website & business goals, identify the proper target keywords and demographics as well as psychologically related keywords, set up ads, bid competitively, & monitor and tweak the campaign for the best ROI possible.

After extensive research, we find and utilize the most effective keywords into your website; generate fresh, SEO-friendly content for you; and promote this content through social media, forums, and other related sites.

Why should I use Cowley for my PPC campaign?

Professional quality at cost-effective price; reliability, we have an excellent track record; and efficiency: on-time, on-budget delivery, and more cost-effective than if done in-house.

Why PPC over other internet marketing services?

PPC trumps other internet marketing options in 3 areas:

  • Speed: instant high ad rankings & ability to frequently change your ad.
  • Targeting: specify location, language, gender, time, & more.
  • Immediate results: immediate website traffic, no need to make SEO changes to your website, direct ROI calculability.

What types of PPC packages do you offer?

Cowley has several different packages and we can work with you based on your advertising needs and budget.

How do I get started?

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