Press Releases

The right message... to the right audience... at the right time.


Press Releases

Got something important to announce?

Your organization has something newsworthy to say and we’ve got the know-how to make sure the right message gets delivered…to the right audience…at the right time…through the right distribution channels.

There’s more to putting out Press Releases than most organizations realize. It might not be molecular chemistry, but there is a formula that will help increase the awareness and effectiveness of what you have to say. Or more importantly, how.  

That’s where Cowley can help. You tell us what you want the public to learn about your business, we’ll devise a strategy that:

  • Tailors the headline, key points and tone to your specific audience(s)
  • Crafts an informative and relevant message
  • Identifies the most influential publications and news media for distribution
  • Determines which outlets are the best to communicate with
  • Establishes the timeline and scheduling most conducive to delivery

If your organization is struggling to connect with communicating to your clients, industry colleagues or the general public…our agency can help develop a strategy to get you where you need to go.

Sell More Better Clients today need so much more than just a traditional advertising agency. They need someone who is versatile, innovative, and above all, integrated with their sales and marketing. Cowley Associates invites you to see why we’re Syracuse’s best in growing sales, revenue, and donors through integrated marketing strategy, web design, branding, and advertising.

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