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Our world is one of constant connection. We have smart phones, tablets, computers, smart watches, and even smart glasses. Information is everywhere we turn and look, so deciding what’s a credible source is becoming harder to decipher.

Although the world around us is changing every day, the credibility of traditional media and news outlets hasn’t. They are the one source of information that has remained valued by the community. Using traditional public relations strategies, like regular press releases, media relations, conferences, and crisis communication should continue to be part of your marketing process because they are still wildly effective.

Utilizing digital techniques as well can help augment your traditional public relations tactics. Things like social media and online only publications have made it increasingly complex for organizations to do their public relations in-house. But, these mediums have to be used to enhance the reach of your information.

Cowley knows both the traditional and the digital world inside and out. If you have a question about how you can increase and enhance your public relations strategy, contact us today.

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