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What is SMO?

SMO or Social Media Optimization is the process of super-charging your online marketing by making your website social-friendly, establishing a presence on social media, and engaging your target audience among the billions of people that frequent these networks.

This is also known as SMM or Social Media Marketing.

Why is SMO so important for me?

Social media marketing generates both immediate publicity for your website and higher search engine rankings, thus increasing your business potential online.

Businesses who use social media also acquire new customers and clients via these means; and in today’s market companies are not seen as current and relatable if they don't have a professional social presence.

How do you achieve SMO?

Assess your marketing objectives, establish social media accounts, and publish relevant blogs, articles, press releases, deep links from your site, and other content to your social accounts.

Why should I use Cowley for SMO?

Professional quality, cost-effective; reliability, we have an excellent track record; and efficienct: on-time, on-budget delivery, and can more cost-effective than if done in-house.

Also, we are flexible and work with your existing social media plan to compliment the work you already do.

Why SMO over other internet marketing services?

Social media marketing has these advantages in internet marketing:

  • Cost-effective: PR & fan exposure is free advertising.
  • Increased search engine rankings: social mention & back links are great for search engines.
  • Exclusive professional company presence on the world’s new media: social networks.
  • Increased business conversion: social media statistics show increase in website retention and business conversion.

How do I get started?

Fill out our Free Website Analysis form to get your free website report today or Contact Us to learn more.

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