3 New Websites, 1 Backend System for ECR International

By Cowley Team

The Cowley Team recently redesigned and programmed three new websites for ECR International, a manufacturing company that provides heating and cooling products under a family of brand names. Two of those brand names being Dunkirk and Utica Boilers. Cowley’s task was to redesign the websites for those two brands, and the ECR International corporate website…and make them all manageable through one backend system.

Cowley started with the design of the three websites aiming for a more modern and unique look across each of them. We used similar typography and icons within each site, but used completely different layouts and color schemes to make each website individualized and stand on their own.

After design we moved to programming where the biggest challenge was building the content structure on all three of the websites, including the ability for it to be managed through just one Content Management System. This would allow ECR’s management team to streamline their workflow and eliminate the need to login to three separate websites to update content. Utilizing the Drupal Content Management System and its customizable features, we were able to uniquely outfit a backend system that allowed ECR this capability and still function at a high level.

ECR will be adding two more websites to this system in the coming months making a total of five websites being managed on one backend. Cowley is excited to offer our client something so customized and unique that makes it easy for them to use their websites to the fullest extent, driving brand awareness and sales of their products.

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