Adjectivity - The keys to great copy

By Zachary Clark, Copywriter

Super, sensational, scintillating, superb copy. It’s what every writer strives for and works day and night to get. There is no rest in the mind of a copywriter when searching for the right word to describe, tell or deliver that perfect line, paragraph or piece. A writer will rack their brain searching and yearning to find flawless, intuitive ways to put their thoughts in motion and engage a reader.

Writing all starts with, drum roll please, the words used. It will never be a secret, and it may even be common sense, that great writing starts with what’s put down on the paper. When producing copy, it’s about telling a story and each tale is different in the way it must be presented and described to the person reading.

Tip #1 -- Use Adjectives

Everyone can write, but few people can actually touch the senses with words and paint a vibrant picture inside the mind for the reader to get lost in. And the way a writer will do that is with vivid and imaginative adjectives that go beyond just description, but into something deeper. That something more will interact with the reader like a daydream on a sunny school day. It will seem raw and real and incite the synapses of the brain to create images of significant quality.

Tip #2 -- Go Easy

A copywriter will also convey their thoughts and ideas in a fluid and flowing way so they’re easy to follow and understand. If the reader doesn’t actually know what they’re reading then the point of the copy is lost, like people whose plane crashed on a mysterious island hundreds of miles off course on their flight from Australia to Los Angeles. Copy is most effective when it’s there to be easily interpreted by everyone.

Tip #3 -- Let your creative senses tingle

And last, but certainly not least, a great copywriter is unbelievably creative. They have the ability to imagine, dream and conceive creations that most people can’t. For a copywriter, it’s about seeing the masterpiece in the blank canvas or visualizing the sculpture in the marble. It’s about inception in the reader’s mind.

There is no shortage of marvelous copy being written right here at Cowley. If you need some on your website, next ad, brochure, video or anything really, give us a call.

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