Branding & Website for YES Safe Choices

By Cowley Team

YES Safe Choices is a non-profit organization that is a unique youth leadership program focused on drug and alcohol prevention. They work to educate the young people of the Binghamton area about the dangers of substance abuse, and offer fun and safe activities for families to spend quality time together. The program trains older students, YES LEADers, who act as role models for younger kids, and they hold community events for families to spend quality time together.

Cowley recently rebranded YES Safe Choices with a new logo and color scheme. Both are modernized and give YES a fun, energizing look that is in line with their core teenage audience. The brand before was more focused towards a younger audience, and didn’t fully represent the students YES works with. So, Cowley devised the new branding to appeal to all ages, including parents. The bright green, sky blue, and navy complement each other while representing the organization as a young, goal-oriented non-profit. Those colors work well in combination on both print collateral and digital marketing components.

The Cowley team also completely redesigned the website for YES. As a website that we originally built, we wanted to capture the same fun, goal-oriented feeling that the new branding suggests, so we used strong fonts and the same bright colors to give the website the same sensation. We simplified the navigation for ease of use and highlighted some of the most important factors of YES on the home page. Using the Drupal CMS, the top most recent announcements can easily be updated and continuously scroll through giving the user appealing visuals and updated news about the organization. One of the most notable factors of the new site is the updated “Parents” section. Cowley brought all of the information parents may need into one place and kept it clean and organized.

Take a look at the work we’ve done below and visit YES Safe Choices to see the website in action!


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