Client Spotlight: Beautiful Mess Productions

By Joe Cunningham, Internet Marketing Manager

Recently, Cowley had the pleasure of taking on a new type of website redesign project that we are particularly proud of, for Beautiful Mess Productions.

“Beautiful Mess” is a band and video production company that seeks to uplift people’s lives through their music and art.  The group was not just looking for your typical website redesign: they wanted to create a resource and a new social network on their site to communicate to their fans and help people “live connected lives.”

Creating the Dream

Over a series of getting-to-know meetings and by sharing their goals, ideas, and information about their group, the Cowley team was able to plot out a process by which their dreams could become reality and an effective online music community could be designed.

“They were looking for a much more interactive, social site,” said Tracey Gregory, the website’s Project Manager here at Cowley Associates.

Beautiful Mess Facebook“They wanted to turn their music into an interactive medium and create content that spurred conversation,” she said.  “Overall, they wanted to create a gathering place, a community where people could come to get support and support each other.”

The site was laid out featuring discussions by topics, chosen by Beautiful Mess each month, that would feature a certain theme the group could speak and sing about and around which they would encourage an ongoing conversation on the topic from their users.

It would also showcase events, including live stream music shows during which community members are now able to comment on while the show is in progress.  This social broadcasting brings users together from various places and walks of life to create a true community, despite the fact they are using the World Wide Web.

Chris MacSaveny, Head of Web Development at Cowley Associates, completely designed the website from scratch with his wizard-like Drupal programming and artistic skills.

“More than anything they are a Christian band,” Chris said, “They are effectively conveying their message to their newfound community through the site.  They are trying to enrich people’s lives through their content.”

The site offers a Facebook plugin to connect to the community using your existing online profile, or you can create one directly on their website.  There are opportunities to listen to and download their music from iTunes, watch existing videos, and connect with them on social media.  It is a marvelously designed site.

On StageGreat Results

“It was a new venture for Cowley and we are happy it was a success,” said Gregory.  The new website already counted over 70 users within the first few days it launched mid-August and successfully broadcast its first live performance.

“It was a great partnership,” said Tracey, “It’s exciting that we are able to create a successful social network and everyone involved in the project is pleased with the results.”

To view the newly-designed Beautiful Mess Website, click here.

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