Client Spotlight: Family Business Center

By Zachary Clark, Account Coordinator

The Family Business Center (FBC) is a non profit organization that provides resources, education, and knowledge to family businesses. They specialize in helping family businesses maximize the success and profitability of their companies. The FBC came to Cowley with the need to rebrand and create a new corporate identity for the organization. They also needed a brochure that could communicate their message and drive home their membership benefits. 

A New Look

Our first task was creating a new look for the organization. With a recent collaboration and partnership with the Madden School of Business at LeMoyne College, the time was right for a new logo.

We created an icon for them with a large letter “F” in a green color scheme. Within the “F” is a curved swoosh to give it some character and look of a flag. That swoosh is then carried out in many of the marketing materials we created such as the letterhead, business cards, and PowerPoint template.

A Tri-Fold Brochure Packed with a Message 

Our next task was the brochure. The FBC needed something that was going to look visually appealing and, at the same time, convey the depth of information that they have to offer. We utilized a tri-fold brochure with a small folder in the back that could hold inserts. This allowed us spread out the content of the brochure with plenty of space, but still hold all of the information that any reader would need. 

A Growing Community

The Family Business Center is a growing community of family business owners right here in Central New York. While the FBC is focusing on its roots here, it has future plans to expand across Upstate New York. With 80-90% of all incorporated US businesses being family owned, the organization feels like it can be an important resource for those who utilize it.

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