Client Spotlight: John Gillis Cabinetry

By Joe Cunningham, Internet Marketing Manager

Not too long ago we got a call from Mr. John Gillis, a cabinet maker from Tupper Lake, NY who is good friends with a friend and client of ours, Dan Christmas of Christmas & Associates.  John had heard glowing recommendations from Dan on how Cowley had beautifully transformed his website (now and built an e-Commerce website out of his local Adirondack Country Store (

John was looking for a website redesign and came to the right place (smile).

Getting To Know Our New Client

The Old WebsiteThrough phone calls, emails, and a visit to Tupper Lake, our team was able to get to know John Gillis and his magnificent work very well.  (And Tracey, our Project Manager, fell in love with his new, 8 week old puppy, Earl.)  John is a master artisan, creating custom cabinetry solutions that enhance his customers lifestyles.  He partners with each client to create unique solutions for their homes whether it be a full kitchen remodel, bathroom, bar, entertainment center, home office, dresser, or any and all storage needs around the house.

As his work testifies, John is the best of the best and also a proud member of The Cabinet Makers of America.  His clients rave about his “genius” designs and ability to “improve [their] culinary abilities” through his work, “utilizing [their space] to the fullest capacity.”  A true master of custom cabinetry deserved a master web design team; and over the course of several conversations, both Cowley and John felt very comfortable to design his new site with the same precise beauty that John’s work conveys.

The Website Redesign

The task at hand included updating the look and feel of the old site to a newer, more modern and aesthetically appealing web experience; creating very user-friendly navigation; and making it easy for John and company to content manage, add information, photos, etc.

New Website Redesign for John Gillis CabinetryOur web design team followed the desires John expressed and created a simpler, more beautiful web experience, combining just the right amount of copy with John’s extensive portfolio of cabinetry masterpieces.

The site’s homepage rotates images, including some authentic Adirondack scenery taken in his own back yard, giving the visitor a very peaceful initial feel.  The subsequent “About” page includes everything an interest party needs to know about Gillis’s business.  The portfolio itself, professionally laid out and organized, is self-explanatory and often a jaw-dropping and gorgeous representation of his work.  John also includes an “Our Process” page that outlines how he works with clients.  (Incidentally, I did the illustrations for the “Process” page myself, with Jesse Clayton, our Graphic Designer polishing them up a bit with Photoshop.)  Then, of course, is the “Contact” page to help interested users get it all started.

“My main goal was to let John’s work speak for itself,” said Jesse, “I wanted to let his work, his pictures shine as well as make the interface easy to navigate for a user.” 

“The most important thing was to ensure that John’s personality came through in the website design, allowing visitors to feel the authenticity that John himself exudes. ” said Tracey Gregory, the Project Manager, “We wanted to make sure that customers knew they were getting a family-owned business, custom cabinetry experience.  We worked closely with John to make sure ‘John Gillis and his staff’ were represented properly.”

"I wanted to make sure all his work was organized and easy to get to," said Chris MacSaveny, our Web Developer, "Through custom work categories and work galleries I think the site is easy to navigate and looks great."

The project demonstrated Cowley’s ability to work effectively over long-distance, spending a great deal of quality time effectively listening to John’s needs and desires and coming to a understanding and finished product John feels comfortable with.

You can view the new site in our portfolio.

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