Client Spotlight: Stephen Hadley

By Jenna Bordy, Marketing Intern at Cowley

Cowley Associates began working with Stephen Hadley a few months ago. Hadley is the innovative owner of four companies. As a modern Renaissance man, he has merged art and business to give unique products to his customers. His unique approach and passion not only successfully drives his business and singular creative process, but leaves no one unchanged who meets him.

The Companies

Hadley’s four companies are Hadley’s LLC, Artesion, Evolution Fitness, and Turf Magic.

Hadley’s LLC is a landscaping and hardscaping company with an artistic flare. Their services range from landscaping to maintenance to winter services (a must in CNY).  They seek to be unique, “unlike anything you’ve ever set eyes on,” and work closely with clients to define and meet their needs.

Next, Artesion is a custom design and construction firm that creates imaginative designs using the highest-quality woods, stones and metals.  The work is not just artistic but stunning, creating exceptional works of art such as signature kitchens, bathrooms, offices, and wine cellars.

On the other hand, Evolution Fitness specializes in personal and semi-private coaching, sports performance training and boot-camp workouts. The gym is housed in Hadley’s Design building, the gym a piece of art itself. They coach and train many local athletes in various sports and walks of life and offer many effective and unique training opportunities.

Finally, Turf Magic is a lawn transformation company that takes any drab lawn and makes it lush and green, taking great pride in their ability to properly maintain healthy, gorgeous lawns.

With this wide array of companies and the challenge of creating a website that was as stunning and exceptional as Hadley’s masterpieces, Cowley was off to work.

Turf Magic - One of Hadley's 4 CompaniesUnique Website Solution

Our team went to work and created a website to encompass all four companies. After much hard work, the website just launched.

The overall challenge was to somehow unite four distinct companies under one umbrella, giving each their own branding while also creating a unified look-and-feel, similar branding that reflected the philosophies of Stephen Hadley and his companies.

To do this, Cowley’s web design team met with Steve on several occasions to understand and capture his vision for the project.  We think (and so does Steve), we did a great job.

The homepage is set up like a compass, directing viewers to mini-sites for each company. The site itself is like a large map. Each corner of the compass, when clicked, navigates to give a closer view of each company.

Each company’s site allows users to navigate through the company’s information. However, the page does not just reset when navigating through pages. Instead, it glides over to the new content like an art spectator examining a masterpiece on canvas. I was able to discover information about these dynamic companies in a uniquely artistic fashion.

The website is a true testament to the versatility and uniqueness of Stephen Hadley. It puts the companies in their own and shared space, unifying and separating them at the same time. The website was created thanks to our team namely Chris MacSaveny (web developer) and Jesse Clayton (art director and graphic designer). Both managed by Tracey Gregory (project manager). They created a piece of website art, just as Stephen Hadley creates art in his own businesses.

“Meeting Steve, getting a good sense of and understanding his philosophy really gave me the key to creating a unique and innovative website design that was in tune with his business needs,” said Jesse.

“I wanted to create a website as unique as the man behind it all,” he said.

“I learned a lot during this project,” said Chris, “By doing a lot of new things in programming.  Steve made us think outside the box,” which we are good at here at Cowley.

“The key to being able to execute this client’s vision was really to get to know him as a person,” Tracey agreed.  “We had multiple meetings to accomplish this which we did very well.”


Check out Cowley’s new website design for Hadley by clicking here.

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