Client Spotlight: Tactair

By Mitchell Piper, Marketing Intern

Cowley was very pleased when they received the go ahead to create the new website for Tactair. Tactair is a certified designer and manufacturer of hydraulic and pneumatic controls for the aerospace industry. That sounds pretty technical and that’s because it is. Tactair creates all the essential parts that go into airplanes and helicopters which help make your flight go smoothly. They make the highest quality parts and are trusted not only inside commercial aircrafts but inside military aircrafts as well.  

Initial Meeting

As with all our clients the first step with this project was to have an initial meeting. In the case of Tactair it was a tour of their state of the art facilities in Liverpool, NY.

“The tour was great because we got to know them much better,” said Chris our web designer.

Tactair’s website was simply outdated. They also explained that they couldn’t post and update their website on their own. This is a problem that many businesses come to us frustrated with, and one that Cowley can solve. 

Watch the 3D VideoUnique Project

The project was really split into two different parts. The first part was the website creation. The second was creating 3D videos to put on the site to display their products. Previously there were just diagrams of the parts that Tactair creates. Now customers can look at the rotating three dimensional image of the product they are looking for. Not only can they see the parts but they can watch a video showing where the part is and how it is used on the aircraft.

The project went very smoothly thanks to great communication between Tactair and our team at Cowley.

“They were really responsive and got back to us very quickly which helped the project keep moving forward,” said Jesse Cowley’s art director.

Everyone at Cowley takes a lot of pride in the finished site, and strongly believes Tactair now has a website that reflects their high quality products and their company’s innovation. 

Click here to view the new website.

Click here to view Tactair's 3D video.

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