Cowley Associates Hires Hicks, Hoeschele, and Hollingshead

by the Cowley Team

Cowley Associates today announced the addition of three new marketing professionals to its team in order to better serve the agency's range of local, regional and national clients. Meet these great new people below!

Casey Hicks - Digital Marketing Manager

Casey heads up Cowley’s digital marketing discipline, delivering social and online advertising strategies, tactics, and metrics-reporting tailored to our clients’ needs and goals. Whether the platform is social (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.), online advertising (Google Ads, LinkedIn ads, digital ads on consumer or trade venues), or e- news (Constant Contact, MailChimp, etc.) – you’ll find Casey to be a forward thinking and highly dedicated digital manager, content curator, and community manager whose creativity, killer organization skills, and analytical mindset combine to deliver tangible and meaningful results in the fast-changing digital world.

John Hoeschele - Creative Director / Copywriter

John has 30+ years of experience as a writer, ad agency creative director, and marketing manager – including heading the marketing-communications/government relations function of a publicly traded, Syracuse-based supplier to the global wireless/defense sector. He has extensive experience developing marketing, creative, brand, and key- message strategies for complex, omni-channel B2C and B2B clients – and has both hands-on and high-level, project management experience across a wide range of traditional and digital marketing disciplines.

Mark Hollingshead - Business Services

Mark will lead Cowley's “Pulse” portfolio of business-improvement services. In this position, he brings over 25 years of operations, business-development, sales management, and financial expertise to the table, having held senior management positions across a wide range of industries, including: hotel/restaurant (EJ Delmonte/Marriott); payroll administration, HR, benefits, insurance (Paychex and Heartland Payment Systems); banking, finance, and credit card processing (Bank of America); and IT/cyber security (Infinit, ICS Solutions, Kishmish Technology, others). A tireless and loyal advocate for his clients, Mark's forte and passion is arriving at data driven- and observation-based insights and strategies to help transform Cowley's small- and mid-sized clients through sales training and management, operational improvements, cost-controls, improved management of personnel, and other variables that positively impact profitability and business valuation.

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