Fly With Us

By Paul Cowley, Founder, CEO, & Creative Director

In case you didn’t notice, Cowley rebranded!  That’s right.  The branding specialists felt it was time for a new look ourselves and we came up with something great.  Here’s our official intro to the new us.  You can almost hear the Frank Sinatra song in the background (so well used in Spielberg’s Catch Me If You Can, by the way).  So why don’t you come “Fly With Us!”

I put these notes together to tell our team, clients, friends, and prospects what this “new do” is all about.

The Tagline

Fly With Us

Fly (to excel) With (together) Us (Cowley on your team)

What we (Cowley) mean by FLY in terms of business?

  • Do better than just get by.
  • Beat the tar out of your competition.
  • Have fun with your marketing.
  • Be on purpose about what you’re doing.
  • Make more money.

What is meant by WITH in terms of business?

  • You are not in it alone.
  • We collaborate.
  • We share responsibility for results.

What does US mean to your business?

  • We have all the tools and brain power to create and communicate the message(s) that motivate buyers.
  • We have been successfully doing this since 1976 (over 35 years and counting).
  • We do this together because without YOU there is no US.

So What Do You Think?

Tell us what you think about Cowley’s new rebrand.  And, “Come Fly With Us!”  [Queue the Sinatra song.]

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