Got Klout? Social Media's Power Over SEO

By Joe Cunningham, Internet Marketing Manager

We live in a new age of influence.  Not too long ago, media was just newspaper, television, and radio and the only way to get your opinion out there was by writing an editorial or calling a talk show host and crossing your fingers.

Not today.

Now we have social media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and LinkedIn (oh, and Google+), to name a few, to tweet, tell, yell, pin, post or show anyone and everyone – anything you like!

Thanks to social media, today, everyone has a voice.

So What Is Klout?

Klout (from the Old English “clout” meaning “power of influence”) is a digital way to gauge people’s impact online using social media.  It works by examining the number of followers or fans, posts and reposts, tweets and retweets individuals and businesses have on their social media accounts.  The result is a “Klout Score” (0-100, 100 being the highest influence.)

 It’s simple: by numbering how many people show they care about what you do or say online, Klout determines who has more digital swag.

Who Cares?

Who really gives a care?  You’d be surprised.

While most people are not digging up each other’s actual Klout score, the fact is, the more “swag” you have in social media now highly influences your SEO (search engine optimization), a.k.a. how easy it is to find you on Google for your company’s products and services.

According to Small Business Search Marketing, 97% of consumers use the internet to research products and services in their local area.  If you’re a business person, that should ring a loud bell.

 If I’m a car mechanic in CNY and I want to get some new business, I should care if I show up on page 10 of Google for “mechanics in Syracuse” and 100 of my competitors are more visible to customers than I.  Or If I’m an ad agency, I want to be #1 for “Syracuse ad agency” – which we are!  [Pause to smile.]

Examples of Klout Influencers

Two of Cowley’s clients are great examples of the power of Klout.

Christmas and Associates is a local prestigious business from Camden, NY that operates two business websites: that sells land and camps, naturally; and, that sells camp décor.  Recently, Cowley increased visits from search engines for related services to their first website by over 300%, greatly influencing potential leads for their business.  The company has an excellent social media campaign led by Julie Martin, marketing executive for Christmas.  In just a few weeks, Julie has also increased their social media popularity by over 500 fans by means of online ad campaigns and regular attractive posts.  By creating more fans and followers, Christmas & Associates is driving more traffic to their website which means more potential revenue for their business.

Anne Messenger of Messenger Associates, career management and HR consultants, recently appeared on the cover of Syracuse Woman Magazine as CNY’s “social media maverick.”  By regularly blogging, posting, and tweeting about topics in her area of expertise, she was named a favorite on Top 100 Twitter Accounts Job Seekers Must Follow (cf.: or her new website, designed by Cowley  She has a well-earned Klout score of 64 – 24 points higher than the average Joe.

Get Klout

Klout, as the motto says, is “The Standard for Influence” online in today’s social media driven world.  Cowley Associates just jump-started their social media just a few weeks ago and jumped from a Klout score of 21 to 40 and counting!

Find out how much Klout you and your business have by going to

So happy posting, tweeting, or pinning!  And if you don’t mind sharing this article with your friends and business associates on Facebook or Twitter, our Klout score would greatly appreciate it.


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