How To “Get It Done”

By Joe Cunningham, Internet Marketing Manager

Inspired by Tracey’s blog post (I helped write) this week, and in honor of the past day of random madness, I pen today’s “blog-a-day” – my own “how to get [things] done."

I swear there are demons of “Blogdom” out there that attack me whenever I am about to write another post.  This is, in a large way, a smack in the face to those... things.

How To Get [Things] Done

I’ve brainstormed a short list of methods I use or know of to kick procrastination in the pants.  My next blog post will be about how to say stupid things in public.  (That was a joke.  I know, not laughing right?  At least you’re still reading.)

1) Prioritize!

I remember hearing a sermon as a kid about a motivational speaker at an Ivy League college.  Talking about time management to MBA students, he pulls out a large glass container, a pile of rocks, a bucket of stones, some sand, and water and proceeds to dump them all into the container starting with the rocks, then the stones, sand, then water.  He asks the class what the point was.

“No matter how much time you have, you can always do more?” says one of the jocks.

“No,” replies the speaker, “Big things first.”

2) Don’t Look at Your Emails

Of course, by “don’t look at your emails,” I mean “look at your emails” but not right before you have to do “that thing” and not in between.  If you can, power to ya.  I’m just sayin,’ helps a whole lot if you don’t.

3) Have a System

Mine’s pretty elaborate, as is Tracey’s, but they work.  You start simple and then fix the kinks, add upgrades, etc.  I’ve got several personal schedules and a time for everything to get done so nothing gets let go, which is essential as an Internet Marketing Manager!

4) Just Do It!

I’ve probably ended half of my blog posts with something like this, but it’s a cliché that never becomes irrelevant.  To the winner goes the spoils.  Battle on, and never give up.

5) Remember: It's Worth It

Since I've started blogging daily for Cowley (instead of weekly), our website traffic has increased by 500%!  No.  Joke.  That's what I'm talking about.  And our conversions are up too (naturally).

Finished blog post of the day! #winning

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