How to Properly Hashtag

By Zachary Clark, Account Coordinator 

Hashtags. You either love them or hate them, but either way, they’re a powerful marketing tool that we can’t ignore. Hashtags can spark viral campaigns, launch awareness for a product, or even generate more reach to your posts. In fact, tweets that use 1-2 hashtags see a 21% increase in engagement

Here are three lessons to help you hashtag more effectively:

Lesson 1: Less is More

We all know that annoying person on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram that has to hashtag everything. They’ll take a selfie and then go “#cute #lips #shirt #love #pink #selfie #Monday #school #work #getmoney #lovemyself #everythingelseinunderthesun” But, for business you should only be using one to two hashtags per post. Here’s an example: “Learn how to hashtag properly for your business: [article link] #SocialMediaMarketing”

Hashtags should be short, simple, and always to the point.

Lesson 2: Use Relevant Hashtag Topics

In the above example, we see that I only used one hashtag and it was a topic. Topics are what people start to search for and want to learn more about. In fact, hashtags were created so that common thoughts could be grouped together, aka a topic. Don’t dilute your posts by flooding them with 10 million hashtags that are just slightly relevant. Always use on-point, direct hashtags that people are likely to search for and are interested in.

Lesson 3: Don’t Get Stuck in the Middle 

As a best practice technique, try to avoid hashtagging random words in your posts. Always start with the hashtagged topic, or end with it. Having it in the middle says that you’re random and the post doesn’t have any clear direction. If you want people to engage, either put your topic up front or at the back, never in the middle.

I hope you found these lessons on how to hashtag helpful. If you’d like to pick our brain more, engage with us on social media and just ask!



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