The Landmark Theatre Tours #PoeTheGnome

By Jenna Bordy, Marketing Intern at Cowley

It is a sunny Monday morning in March as Poe heads to the Landmark Theatre. Poe enters through the newly renovated box office and is astonished by the theatre’s rich history.

Landmark Theatre History

The Landmark Theatre is a historical landmark, created in 1928, housing plays, movies, concerts and a few ghosts. The interior of the theatre is meticulously carved and painted, giving the theatre a beautiful, yet creepy feel. Despite the ghosts, the Landmark’s interior from the entrance to the theatre itself is simply stunning, a show itself.

Recently, the Landmark redid its backstage, stage and box office. In the renovation, the stage and backstage were enlarged to accommodate big touring shows. There is still more renovation to be done, much of the intricate interior needs to be touched up and restored. Poe loved seeing the renovation so far and cannot wait to see the finished product.

The Haunted Theatre

Poe felt the presence of the theatre’s ghosts first hand. While walking around, it was clear that we were not alone. A few of our pictures had white flashes that obscured part of the photo, almost as if it were hiding part of the scenery or even a person. There were clearly spirits presents although we did not smell lilacs, the indicator that Clarissa (the most prominent ghost) has neared.

Poe in the Dressing RoomPoe listened to all the ghost stories, some even sending chills down his spine. Thus, Poe ensured he did not stray too far from the group. He clearly was a little freaked out.

The Tour

Looking at the theatre’s history, it is no wonder why Poe was excited to see the place. Development Director, Mary Kate Hartman, and intern, Kayla Lombardoni, acted as tour guides, explaining the theatre’s history as the group, headed by Poe, walked around. Poe was excited to see every crevice and even got into a little trouble along the way. Poe was able to go backstage, perform onstage and even slide down the banister of stairs leading up to balcony seating.

Poe loved the tour and is anxious to go back to see a performance there. He was ecstatic to get out of the office. Poe cannot wait to see more of Syracuse!


To see more of Poe the Gnome's tour at the Landmark, follow his adventures on InstagramPinterest, and Vine (for Vine, download the app, username "Cowley").

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