Metro Fitness & 42 Challenge: An Advertising Success Story

By Joe Cunningham, Internet Marketing Manager

Yesterday, Poe, Tracey, and I went down to Metro Fitness on Salina Street to sign up as the newest members of the gym.  We just finished the first round of a hugely successful campaign for “The Metro 42 Challenge” and the owner, Randy Sabourin, is extremely pleased with the results.

Taking a Tour of Metro Fitness

Metro Fitness is conveniently located downtown for executives and business people who live, work, and play down here (it’s only a 5 minute walk from Cowley).  People were coming in and out in their business suits and sweating it out in shorts and spandex the whole time we were there.

Randy graciously introduced himself and was happy to meet the gnome and pose for a few pictures with Poe on the exercise machines.  He showed me and Tracey (and Poe) around.  They have a beautiful, state-of-the-art facility with a whole new line of Torque fitness exercise equipment upstairs and specialty weight training equipment as well.  There was plenty of staff on hand for personal training and supervision.

Kathleen Frizzi, one of the trainers at Metro FitnessWe checked out the treadmills and running bikes, complete with an earphone plug so you can listen to the many TVs playing in front of you while you run, walk, or bike.  They feature a whole new type of interactive exercise bike called Espresso.  You create a user profile via Facebook or Twitter and compete and race with users worldwide on a videogame-like screen, setting goals and endurance levels so you get the course and competition that’s just right for you.  Poe really liked that one and keeps bugging me to take him back to “play” it.

The luxury locker rooms were the best I’d ever seen at a gym.  “Just bring your gym clothes,” said Randy.  The bathrooms are complete with towels and amenities, steam rooms, and the women’s room has a serenity lounge with a beautiful water feature and tea dispenser.  Tracey was excited to get up early in the morning after seeing that.

We checked out the studio where they hold a wide variety of fitness classes including Pilates, Yoga, and Zumba and got to meet one of the instructors, Ms. Kathleen Frizzi, who loved having her picture taken with Poe as well.  Poe was impressed at how fit she was.  It was funny to see Tracey and her hug as Randy started to introduce them because they had known each other before from a fitness class.

In the basement is also a full-scale weight room with a lot of cool equipment and body-building stuff.  Poe was checking some of that out today (watch the video here).

The Metro 42 Challenge and Success

Jeff - a real success story from the Metro 42 ChallengeThe Metro 42 Challenge is a program designed by Randy and his team to help people lose 20 lbs. or more in 42 days by combining strategic nutrition with intense workout routines.  You can read about it more and see the cool before and after pictures by clicking here and reading about Cowley’s advertising work with this program.  Follow the links for more info on the microsite designed by Cowley.

More than anything, the ad campaign was a huge success.  Metro’s goal was to advance from their 4-person beta test group to two full classes.  That goal was met and then some!  Right now, the gym is holding a 6:30AM class and a 5:30PM session.  Randy was also looking to attract non-members: almost half of those who sign up are!  This helps get new exposure and often new clients for the gym.

The Metro Philosophy

“A lot of weight loss programs these days include real high intensity training and they just beat the crap out of ya,” said Randy.

“The results are dangerous,” he continued, “A lot of injuries.  At Metro, we focus on the individual, keeping the teams small, and knowing exactly what the conditions and medical histories are for each and every team member.  This way we can create an effective program that doesn’t put half the members in physical therapy afterwards.”

The results are tremendous: more people feeling young and fit and all in a safe, healthy challenging environment.

Metro Biz Card with PoeWhere Do We Go From Here

Poe (ha ha), Tracey, Jesse, and I just signed up at Metro and Paul’s been going there since the beginning of the summer.  I just had a personal training session with Marc Sapoznik, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, yesterday and loved it!  I feel like a million bucks and am glad to have someone who knows pushing me and coordinating a program that is going to get me jacked!  [Laughing!]

Having a personal trainer is great because:

  • They have the training and expertise to design a program to help you reach your goals.
  • They take into account your individual condition and medical needs so you don't get hurt.
  • They motivate and hold you accountable to your program.
  • It's really the best way to get the most out of your time at the gym.  And Randy's team is top notch!

Paul has developed several new aspects for the campaign and we are looking to produce a video documenting the program.

And Randy has an even broader vision for the program.

“We’re looking to go worldwide,” he said, “By creating an online community, we can train and engage people across the globe to ‘Be Metro Fit!’”  And Cowley will be there with them every step of the way to continue to drive their business to higher levels of success.

Find out more and sign up for the "Metro 42 Challenge" here on Metro's website.

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