Navigating Social Media

By Jenna Bordy, Marketing Intern at Cowley

We live in a social media phenomenon.  In their rise over the past decade, social networks have gained a larger number of users than most continents.  Though their primary role is to connect people to people, businesses have taken a huge gain by investing in the social realm.

The Social Media Challenge 

Social media has become an issue for me. As a young college student and marketing intern, I almost feel guilty logging onto Facebook or Twitter, even on a company account. I use those websites to socialize at home. The issue seems larger because many of my professors prohibit the use of electronics during class. Yet, social media is becoming a major tool for promoting companies.

TechnologySocial Media Expert

As a student and employee, I am rewarded for knowing what is going on in the business world. My source for information is social media and the Internet. Social media is the future! It drives how people interact today and dictates what is to come tomorrow. To do my job properly, I need to be on top of what is going on. So it is my job to know the ins and outs of social media. My knowledge of social media becomes an asset to the companies I work for, like Cowley.

The Social Media Divide

What I am figuring out is that there are two areas of social media. One is a very social that involves connecting and reconnecting with people to create a larger social circle. This is where I interact with friends. The other aspect of social media is business oriented. More and more companies use social media for self-promotion. Companies are beginning to understand that social media is a way to engage with clients, employees and future employees. Social media creates a space for people to interact with companies. When a person does not like a product, they can tell the company themselves. Customer satisfaction has never been more important. Company social media use guides the feelings of their customers.

Big BangTakeaway

As a student of Advertising, I have learned that I am my own brand. I, like companies, need to use social media to create an image that puts their best foot forward. Social media is no longer just social. Social media is now about connecting with a customer base to strengthen the company’s image. Businesses need to connect. It is becoming imperative for all companies to share their inter-workings. Social media is creating a transparent work world. Companies, like Cowley, are brands that need to use social media to associate themselves with fitting information. Social media allows companies to connect their fan base with the proper content.

Whereas social media for personal socialization is entirely up to individual choice as to whether you want to engage your friends and business associates on Facebook, Twitter, Google, one or none of the above; social media involvement for business is becoming essential.  If your company doesn’t have a social presence today you are a thing of the past, and may lose business to social competitors.  However, having a professional social presence gives you a real prestige and connection to your fans, clients, and associates that is statistically bringing in profits.  And that’s just good business.

Social Network

About Jenna Bordy

Jenna is Cowley Associate’s spring semester intern. She is a junior at Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communication and Martin J. Whitman School of Management. She is studying Advertising and Finance. Jenna loves to travel. She hopes to make it to every country in the world.


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