Organizing Success

By Heather Malinowski, Project Manager

Being successful can have a lot of different definitions depending on what your goals are. But one thing we hear often is that organization is key. “If you’re not organized, you will fail.” I myself am a very type-A personality. Anyone who meets me says “Yup, you’re a Virgo!” Everything has a place, if I’m on time I feel late, I thrive on lists, and Staples is my happy place. My computer is filled with subfolders, inside subfolders, inside subfolders. This is what works for me, and if I’m even the slightest bit unorganized I get easily stressed and over whelmed. Despite my self-diagnosed OCD, I don’t believe that organization is for everyone, at least not to the extreme that I take it.

For some people, what keeps me calm - my lists, my notes, my subfolders - are exactly what gets them stressed out. It’s a lot to keep track of, and seeing everything written down to a T with exactly what has to happen, can feel daunting. I know people who are adamant that the secret to their success is what they call “organized chaos”. It may look like a war zone to me, but to them it makes complete sense. Some studies have actually shown that organized desks lead to more logical thinking and healthier habits, while messy desks allow for more creative, outside the box, thinking. Studies also show that your work environment can persuade you to lean one way or the other, even if that’s not typically you.* So if you need to put together a report, try tidying up your desk first, and if you need to come up with a new design, save the tidying for another day!

In the world of marketing, you want to find a broad spectrum of people on the team you hire, from the messiest of desks to the most immaculate. You need both types of people working hard to make your business both stand out in a unique and creative way while maintaining a level of professionalism. You can define what success looks like for you, but it’s hard to define what it looks like for everyone else.



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