Own the Super Bowl Without Spending $4 Million

By Zachary Clark, Director of Business Development

The Super Bowl, often seen as the pinnacle of commercials and advertising, is now less than 2 weeks away. Many marketers have already footed the $4 Million bill for NBC to air their 30-second spot, but some see that investment as just not worth it. The argument can be seen from both sides. On one hand, the 2014 Super Bowl was the most viewed TV event in history with an average of 112.2 million viewers tuning in, and $4 million is a worthy cost to reach so many captivated eyeballs. But, then again is $4 million too high of a premium when viewers have so many other screens to look at? 

We’ve seen brands, like Oreo, go that digital route and set up social media war rooms to wait for the perfect moment to strike. We’ve also seen brands completely fail at that concept and get backlash for it. The Super Bowl, though, is too big too ignore as nearly everyone in America knows what it is and even if viewers don’t like football, they enjoy the taco dip, drinks with their friends, and Katy Perry halftime show. 

So, now the question is, “What do I do?” There isn’t the budget to spend $4 million and setting up a social media war room isn’t all that feasible. The answer is: tailoring your content.

Most everyone is putting out content, whether it’s a blog post like this, a newsletter, or email blast, the point is we all have something to say. But, how you say it is how you’ll end up winning the Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl is like all current events in the world, they’re watched, searched, and countries as a whole become captivated by them. Whether it’s sporting events like the World Cup or Super Bowl, political situations like the State of the Union Address, or entertainment news like Bradley Cooper in “American Sniper,” people of the masses flock to these stories. As a brand and a company, you don’t have to sit on the outside looking in, or spend millions of dollars just to feel included. You just have to stay relevant.

Use content as your resource for staying with the crowd. Use blog posts, white papers, infographcis, ebooks, webinars, or whatever to convey your thoughts and ideas, but with a spin towards current events. So, for example you just read this entire blog post about how to stay current and relevant with your content, but you were hooked by the fact it was semi about the Super Bowl in a couple weeks. This exact idea could have been used any time a major event came up, but the Super Bowl was quite a good fit for it.

Don’t be afraid to exploit what’s trending to get your message across, it’s a more powerful technique than you think. It’s never a bad thing to stay in front of your consumers with things they already know are happening. It will capture their attention, and most importantly give you the opportunity to get say something meaningful.

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