Poe the Gnome Visits the Redhouse Café

By Joe Cunningham, Internet Marketing Manager

Poe and I had no real direction this morning for our weekly “Gnome Adventure,” so instead of turning right on Walton towards the hussle and bussle (there’s a lot of construction down there with the new hotel); we “took the road less traveled by, / And that has made all the difference.”

At The Redhouse

We walked into the building and surprised the ladies at the box office, naturally.

Poe and MacbethRedhouse, by the way, is a local Arts Center that hosts various shows throughout the year.  Among this summer’s performances produced are Cabaret, Shrek the Musical, Mama Mia, and MacbethThe Redhouse also puts on drama classes for kids, a Rock Camp, and other artistic learning experiences.

Poe stopped for a moment to notice the art work hung on the walls around the “house” – a conglomeration of local artists’ work of various media and styles.


Both Poe and I were famished so we walked down to the bar and perused the chalkboard menu.  I ordered the chicken and spinach queso dia (was good!) and Poe was broke so he got nothin.’  (What?  I’m not paying for him.  If he actually did his job more often he wouldn’t have such a hard time.)

We, of course, had to introduce ourselves (well, I don’t have a problem, but the gnome…) to the baristas and staff and give the usual spiel.  Poe met Melinda and Dom – both really cool people – and a few others who were happy to take a picture “with the gnome.”

We shot a quick Instagram video (see it here) and rubbed shoulders (not for real, yuck!) with some local artists who were chillin’ out in the café.  Overall, there was a really hipster, cool kinda’ feel.

Poe at The Redhouse CafeStop in sometime and plan to go to a show; there’s nothing like supporting cool local stuff.

Home Again

It was a long walk home (about 45 seconds, walking slow) and now I think Poe is reciting Hamlet in the other room.  Not a chance Poe, not a chance.


Find out more about The Redhouse and Redhouse Café on their websites and follow them on Facebook & Twitter.

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