#PoeTheGnome visits Lakeland Winery

By Jenna Bordy, Marketing Intern at Cowley

On the snowy first Wednesday of April, Poe set out to visit Lakeland Winery. Poe’s Irish Heritage has kept him a strict beer drinker but he made an exception for the tour. Boy was Poe happy he tried the wine. Lakeland Winery may have converted him into a wino.

Lakeland Winery Background

Lakeland Winery is one of Syracuse’s best-kept secrets. Not often do people hear of wineries in climates such as Upstate New York, but Lakeland has created a great business out of the unexpected. Andy Watkins founded Lakeland in 2005, since then he has created a bustling business. Lakeland creates its own wines from imported grapes as well as allowing customers to create their own wine.  It's "no holds barred" for Lakeland’s wine; they even create a special green wine (Belligerent Bastards) for St. Patrick’s Day.

Lakeland works to engage their community, they use a barter system to get extra hands on deck when needed. For instance, they email out to their subscribers when they need to pick blueberries or grapes, giving the volunteers a bottle for each hour they work. Poe will definitely be signing up for the next picking. In addition, they are also home to a wine bar. Every Wednesday, Lakeland hosts a Trivia Night giving customers a chance to hang out and try a new wine.  (To keep up with upcoming events, become a fan of Lakeland Winery on Facebook!)

Make Your Own Wine

Lakeland Winery gives customers the unique opportunity to make their own wine. Lakeland takes customers through the whole process from getting the grape juice to ferment to letting them bottle and label the wine seven weeks later. It is perfect for special occasions or a night out with friends. There does not always have to be a reason to make wine, Poe certainly feels that way after trying some of Lakeland’s creations.

Poe & Pinot

Lakeland Winery is also home to Pinot the cat (@LakelandPinot), Lakeland’s mascot. For Pinot and Poe it was not quite love at first sight. However, Poe and Pinot both love Lakeland’s Diamond wine. Poe was enthralled with Pinot, but Pinot like Poe is known for getting into a bit of trouble. After some coaxing, Pinot warmed up to Poe and they surely would have gotten into a great deal of mayhem had they been left together too long. Overall, Poe had a great time seeing Lakeland Winery and cannot wait to return for more wine!


Visit Lakeland Winery: 877 State Fair Blvd., Syracuse, NY.  You can also purchase their wine online: www.lakelandwinery.com.

For more pictures of Poe's trip to meet Pinot, visit our Instagram / Pinterest pages.

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