Thriving in the Mobile First Gold Rush

By Paul Cowley, Founder, President, & Creative Director

For all my readers who haven’t been to our offices yet, we are on street level right in the center of all the action. So yesterday I was heading out for some lunch, I moved though the interior door and looked though large exterior doors framing my view of the street, just then I happened to take a snapshot in my head. It was noontime, so there were tons of people passing by. As I pondered my mental photo I saw at least five people moving in various directions, all intently looking at the same damn thing, their phone. I was struck by the fact that in my little snapshot of the world, every person, some alone, some two by two, all on their cell. Not one, not two, all of them! Our social society has changed. It brought to mind the many times Gail and I have been out to dinner and noticed the couple at the next table with their heads down the whole time, no words, no eye to eye glances across the table, nothing, just the cell. What the devil is everyone looking at? Hopefully it’s YOUR ads, YOUR website, YOUR blog, YOUR message, right?

It is apparent that Mobile Media is stealing the show, more mesmerizing than radio, newspapers, direct mail, magazines, billboards, and even TV. For instance, did you know that 74% of Craft beer drinkers use mobile devices to research beer before going to the store to make a purchase*. How many times have you seen people watch TV and at the same time are fiddling with that phone?

If it's ok with you, I'll go into my sales mode now, OK? Ok.

There is no question, as business people you need to be joining the gold rush, but who, what, where and when, is always the question.

Like any new opportunity there are some basic tools you’ll need before you stake your claim, so let’s start by asking ourselves some questions.

Are You Mobile First?

Q: Is your website optimized for mobile? Translation: When clients go to your website on their phone, is your site readable, is the text large enough? Is the most relevant information readily visible? No? Not good for business. Call us we can fix that for you.

Q: Does your website have good SEO? Translation: (Search Engine Optimization) words on your website that people use to find what they are looking for on Google, so your company is close to the top of the list rather on the second or God forbid, the third page of their Google search.

Q: Is your business easy to find? Translation: Over 1 billion people use google maps and 90% of sales are happening in store vs. online**. People want to be able to easily find how to arrive at your store or business, and a phone number to call.

Q: Can your customers easily interact with you? Translation: Are you on social media? Do you have a contact form available? Customers are looking to connect with brands on a personal level more than ever before. If you’re not responsive or easy to reach, you may lose out to a competitor who is. 

So the next time you see someone looking intently at their phone, remember they could be looking at your message, what do you want that message to look like? Hopefully you’re prepared to thrive in a mobile-first world, but if you’re not, never fear, Cowley is here to help.

Happy prospecting!




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