'Twas the Night Before Deadline

By Zachary Clark, Copywriter 

Twas the night before deadline, when all through the firm,
All the creatives were stirring with Tracey to confirm.
The prints were easeled on the table with care,
In knowing that the client would soon be there;

Jesse was affixed on the computer screen,
While visions of shapes and colors were everywhere to be seen,
And Gail in her chair, and Paul in his office,
Had just conversed about a campaign so flawless-

When all heard the loudest of clatter,
Chris just banged his head on the table to deal with his matter.
Away to the back Zach did go,
To see all the fuss and realize the woe.

The glow of the screen on his sunken face,
Gave the indication of this horrible case;
When, what to Zach’s gazing eyes should appear,
But a broken HTML code ever so clear, 

With redlines abundant on the page,
Chris knew he would soon go into a rage.
More rapid than spam did the curse words come,
As he muttered, and shouted, and sulked in his glum; 

“Now Dreamweaver, Now AfterEffects, Photoshop and Adobe,
“On InDesign, on Illustrator, Acrobat I plea!
“To the top of the page! To the errors so slightly small!
“Now go away! Go away! Go away all!”

As a flurry of mouse clicks did occur,
The redlines and broken code were erased in a blur.
So to the page was it refreshed,
With an abundance of changes and design so meshed;

Then all of a sudden, a clicking noise from a nearby space,
The typing of Joe was certainly the case;
Keywords came on the page,
As Google Analytics is the internet sage;

The words were garnered to be incorporated on the website,
They were listed in Excel and ordered exactly right;

Paul was ecstatic as the team made progress,
As he planned his PowerPoint without a stress;
The visuals, how they were lively, how they were bright,
And he gave it to Zach to make them all take flight; 

Paul stayed at his desk to think about his speech,
His curly hair and goatee stroked within reach;
The rim of his glasses perched on his nose,
His mind wandered to his next day’s clothes; 

Certainly a suit with matching bow tie,
And the top hat he wears when one asks why;
As his mind wondered, Gail took to worry,
She wanted to see the work and told him to hurry; 

A wink of his eye and a tip of the cap,
Paul told her it would all be a snap;
Gail didn’t care and still wanted to see,
Tracey nodded and expressed her agree; 

As he did his practice so unwilling,
All Mary was worried about was the billing!
Paul finished his pitch and felt he was ready,
The rest of the Cowley team told their stomachs to steady; 

As Paul walked out of the office we heard him exclaim,
“Put your faith in me, I’ll take us to fame!” 

Merry Christmas from the team at Cowley Associates!

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