Website Design and Strategy for On Guard Alert

By Zachary Clark, Account Coordinator

On Guard Alert is a new Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) company created by Michael and Susan Klapheke, the Owners of Cedar Path Solutions Group. The process has been several years in the making for Mike and Sue, and they’ve been working with Cowley since December to develop the appropriate marketing strategy.

It Started With Research

Early on, it was clear that in-depth research needed to be done about the PERS industry and its consumers. Cowley worked with Research & Marketing Strategies, Inc. (RMS), given their wide knowledge of the healthcare and senior care industries.

Through RMS’ research and analysis, they were able to develop a consumer profile and characteristics that were important in reaching our audiences. We learned how they like to receive information and what types of advertisements are most effective. Gail Cowley, who is involved in strategy development, said, “RMS’ thorough analysis gave us great insight into the On Guard Alert consumer base and allowed us to focus our efforts with clear key messages.”

Web Design Was Key

The On Guard Alert product will initially be sold only online, so it was important that the website’s design inspired consumer trust. We used the gold and dark green colors of the logo as our color palette, and utilized a minimalistic design for the home page. The simplicity and clarity of the site makes it easy to use for consumers, and its responsive layout is suited for all devices. Seniors looking for a PERS product themselves, and also the children of Seniors will find the site very user friendly.

“From conversations with the client, one of our key objectives was usability,” said Cowley’s Art Director Jesse Clayton. “Audiences of all ages will be visiting the site, so from start to finish they had to have a superior user experience and find the information they needed quickly.”

Enhanced E-Commerce Capability

The On Guard Alert products have several accessories that a buyer may choose from. The website’s e-commerce capability allows a consumer to only select the items they want, and the site is also able to handle recurring payments for the service the company is charging.

“E-commerce, and especially recurring payments, requires intricate coding,” said Chris MacSaveny, Cowley’s Web Programmer. “There are several things that you need to account for, especially a user’s security.” 

Integrated Online Efforts

Over the next several months, On Guard Alert and Cowley will be working with Syracuse Media Group to run a Pay Per Click campaign and Digital advertisements to reach their online audience. “Digital is definitely a big part of the strategy to drive traffic to the site,” noted Cowley.

“Sue and I really like the new website and we appreciate all of Cowley’s work in making this happen. We are excited about the future of the company and look forward to continuing to work together,” said Klapheke.

You can see the website design at and even look for a device if you’re in the market! Be sure to let us know what you think!

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