We're here to help in these trying times

The Cowley Team

Although times are uncertain, Cowley is here for you. Our staff is working diligently from home to ensure that all projects continue to move forward. You can reach us by email or cell phone. 

As updates on the COVID-19 outbreak continue to be released and companies shift toward a digital landscape, now, more than ever, it is important to take stock of your business and remain relevant. 

You may have lots of questions about strategy and tactics as you try to sort out your next steps, communicate with clients and strengthen your company; Cowley Associates, a full-service advertising and business support agency, is here to help with your needs. We are offering the following services at no cost to all businesses in hopes that we can make this trying time easier for you and get your business back on track.

Marketing Consultation

Talk to one of Cowley’s experienced communications and marketing experts about the challenges you’re facing connecting with current and prospective clients, ask questions about marketing services, discuss tactics and receive strategy advice.

Business Support Consultation

From recommending business strategies to finding new opportunities, Cowley’s business support team is here to advise you on what you need to grow and stabilize your company. Schedule an online or phone call consultation with one of our team members.

Together, we can get through this global disruption and keep your business healthy. You have a steady advisor in our Cowley team. 

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