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June 30th 2015

Jun 30th 2015

We Must Continue to Innovate!

April 30th 2015

Apr 30th 2015

What’s Your Business’ Purpose?

January 3rd 2014

Jan 3rd 2014

Message for the New Year from Paul 2014

December 11th 2013

Dec 11th 2013

A Christmas Letter from Paul

November 18th 2013

Nov 18th 2013

Thanksgiving (Thanks For Giving)

October 16th 2013

Oct 16th 2013

Duck Dynasty and How Brands Catch On

September 23rd 2013

Sep 23rd 2013

3 Don’ts in Marketing (a.k.a. 3 Marketing Mistakes to Avoid)

August 28th 2013

Aug 28th 2013

The Most Important Thing About Marketing Is…

June 24th 2013

Jun 24th 2013

Fly With Us

May 30th 2013

May 30th 2013


April 22nd 2013

Apr 22nd 2013

Finally Spring!

March 27th 2013

Mar 27th 2013

A Note From Paul: The Social Size-Up