Rising Above the Competition

At the core of any successful marketing plan is a well-defined strategy. Cowley develops efficient and effective ways to attract and retain customers while increasing brand loyalty. 
We partner with our clients to assess their business objectives in order to develop breakthrough-marketing strategy for achieving untapped growth, increasing sales and rising above the competition.


What's a "Strategy?"

We hear the word “strategy” all the time but what does it mean, exactly? Having a strategy basically means having a plan of action, and as part of that plan you’ll use tactics to achieve desired results. So if you think about strategy as your end goal and tactics as the small steps you take toward meeting your goal--you’ll be in good shape!


Internal and External Marketing

At Cowley Associates, we think it’s important to implement both internal and external marketing strategies for maximum results. While the differences between the two are clear-cut, communication is at the core of both.

Internal Marketing: Target group = Employees

Employees act as “brand ambassadors” for an organization so it’s essential to recruit and retain team members who are going to represent your company in the best way possible. First impressions are key, whether they’re made at the office, at networking events, or on the road visiting clients. At Cowley, we’ll take a look at your company’s culture and suggest ways to partner with your employees to ensure the continued success of your organization.

External Marketing: Target group = Customers/Clients

Just as retention of employees is important, retention of clients is also vital to an organization’s success. At Cowley, we’ll work with you to cultivate the client relationships you already have, and develop creative ways to secure new clients through a variety of channels, such as developing newsletters, creating exceptional web and video content, and more!


Researching your Competitors

In today’s world, consumers have many choices when making purchasing decisions for both goods and services, so it’s important to make your organization stand out from the rest.

At Cowley, we believe in performing both qualitative and quantitative research samplings as part of our strategy to help identify the competitive landscape that affects your business.

Client Work Samples


Tell us about your company and what keeps you up at night. We’ll work with you to prioritize your marketing initiatives. We’ll keep your information confidential and respond within one business day. Thank you for considering Cowley Associates!

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