A Christmas Letter from Paul

A Christmas Letter from Paul
Dec 11th, 2013

By Paul Cowley, Founder, CEO, & Creative Director

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Okay, I’m all for making a buck but I think things are really getting out of hand. Have we really gotten to the point where we need to start thinking about Christmas shopping the day after Halloween? And for that matter what’s up with Halloween junk the day after Labor Day? Aren’t things moving fast enough?

Yeah, and since when has gift “giving” been so efficient? Now we get e-mails with URL’s that take us to a web store page with a note that says: “Get This!” That’s not gift giving; that’s order taking. I mean did Mary and Joseph sit around thinking of things the Wise Men could bring the baby Jesus when he was born? No. Those Wise Men traveled a long way schlepping all that frankincense and that myrrh stuff – whatever that is. It’s not like they could give them a call. No, they just took a chance. All they knew is they had to give him something.

I know the new way is easier and all that but whatever happened to getting Uncle Joe a tie that he will never wear? Those were the days!

That’s the trouble you, know. We all have too much to think about and we’ve become easy prey to the ambitious retailers.

“Buy now!” – everywhere!

If I hear “HUGEEE-GE-A!!!” one more time I think I will… I don’t know what. The least he could do is dress up like Santa, right? I’m just saying, enough already.

Oh, before I forget, if you are thinking of getting me a little something this Christmas, www.orvis.com/woolvest!

Don’t you just love the internet?

Merry Christmas everyone!     

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Paul's genius is to see the connections, relationships and meanings that others miss, and then weave them into breathtaking creative strategies and graphic design concepts. Nothing short of an alchemist, Paul routinely blows us away. As a pioneer of forward thinking at the agency, he routinely challenges us to think of fresh, contemporary ways to position our client's messages to reach their intended audiences. Paul's work has garnered myriad awards during his 35+ years in advertising and he is committed to bringing that level of quality to each client's vision.

Paul Cowley - Founder, President, & Creative Director

Paul Cowley

Founder, President, & Creative Director


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