Client Spotlight: NYFoods

By Gail Cowley, Executive VP

Why We're Egg-cited about NYfoods.
(And why we think you should be, too!)

Imagine buying your family's groceries for the week from a gas station or convenience store. How confident would you be in the value of that food as your children's sole source of nutrition? It is almost unbelievable that this is the current situation for nearly 5 million Americans, but it is sadly so. This is the number of individuals who live more than a half-mile from a supermarket and don't have access to a vehicle - and, therefore, aren't able to easily and affordably attain healthy foods.

Several recent studies show that people who live in these 'food deserts' have diets that are significantly less healthy than those who don't. Enter our remarkable client, NYfoods. Their mission as a company is to provide local, sustainable, and certified-organic milk and egg products to the people of NY State. Given this mission, it's no surprise that they're striving to get their products into the hands of people who normally might not have access to affordable and nutritious foods. To accomplish this, they created the NYfoods EggsChange Project.

The EggsChange Project works like this:

NYfoods donates one dozen of its pastured, organic eggs for every dozen they sell. These eggs are then distributed to low-income families in food deserts in New York State - at no cost.

Why eggs?

According to NYfoods, "Organic eggs from pastured hens are a versatile source of nutritious protein that are hard to find in many communities. Free, certified organic, pastured NYeggs are packed with protein, vitamin E, and Omega 3 fatty acids. They're easy to prepare in a variety of ways without expensive kitchen tools or advanced culinary skills."

When NYfoods, asked Cowley Associates to help promote the EggsChange Project we were thrilled. We immediately put our heads together to develop a brand and materials that market coordinators would happily and enthusiastically embrace. And so far it's working! The Eggs-Change program has provided eggs to a large number of families downstate and NYfoods plans to expand the program Upstate in the Spring. Thanks for all your eggs-traordinary effort, NYfoods! We wish you the best of luck for continued success with the program.

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