Coming Up: The 4th Annual Buy Local Bash

Buy Local Bash Syracuse

Poe and I just wanted to put a plug in for the 4th annual “Buy Local Bash” presented by Syracuse First at the MOST this year.  It’s right around the corner, but there’s still enough time to mark that date off on your calendar.

The event is November 25th from 6-9:30PM and features a smorgasbord of local businesses showcased with local food, drink, music, retailers, and much more.

Our major sponsor is AmeriCu and the event is part of a combined effort to promote “Buy Local Month.”

The event is a continual reminder from Syracuse First that just a 10% shift from national or global buying to independent local business would generate $130 million in new economic activity.

Poe at the MOST (a long time ago)“Ask not what your local community can do for you, but what you can do for your local community.” – Poe the Gnome (he says you can quote him on that)

As local enthusiasts and part of a locally owned Syracuse advertising agency, Poe and I were hand picked to promote and report on the event (gotta’ love press passes).

Find out more and sign up today (tickets are cheap) online here on the Syracuse First website.

We will see you there!  And buy local!

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