Facebook Down

By Joe Cunningham, Internet Marketing Manager

You may have been as frustrated as I this morning.

As Internet Marketing Manager, I don’t just play on Facebook.  You can imagine how [irritated] I was when after Tweeting, Google+ posting, and “LinkedIn-ing” our “Marketing Tip of the Week,” I “[could] not post this update at this time” on Facebook.


I mean, this is Facebook we are talking about.  Old reliable.

We are again reminded that “the material cause will fail.” – Thomas Aquinas

What the ---- Happened?

You can read about it on Facebook.  They have an explanation floating around.  Some sort of resolver issue.  The point is – they’re down.

Second only to Google, Facebook is the next most visited website in the world, with more users than any one continent.  So if they screw up, it’s automatically “legendary” (to quote my favorite character from How I Met Your Mother).

What Now?

S---- to be you if it’s your birthday today.  I guess people will actually have to email you, send you a card, or (hold your breath) – call you.  The Chicago Trib said, “For all of you that have wanted to try Twitter, now is a good time.”

Twitter and Pinterest both have gone down in some way, shape, or form at some point.  Facebook is no exception.  Every demi-god has an Achilles’s tendon.  No news there.

It’s healthy to realize no man made thing is invincible.  It keeps us realistic.  Many people over use Facebook, for sure, and forget to unplug and live life a little.  Social media is an incredible tool both for business and personal life.  I’m not only a fan; I make a living off of it!  The popular site will be rocking like new soon, but I think these next few hours will help us all to live life a bit more like we used to: a little more unplugged from the e-world, which never killed anyone.

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