Google Analytics for Managers

By Zachary Clark, Account CoordinatorĀ 

It's all to often that I go on meetings to talk with prospective clients about their website and we get to the analytics part and they just have no clue what I'm talking about. I mention "Google Analytics" and most of the time I get a puzzled look or a "yeah I think we have it, but I don't know what it is." Those experiences prompted me to write Cowley Associates' first eBook, "Google Analytics for Managers."

I want everyone to have the knowledge of what Google Analytics is and how it plays an important role in a manager's strategic planning. All managers should know what they're looking at when it comes to this tool and not have to rely on an IT person or analyst. Managers are making decisions every day, and every day the world around us gets more digital. Not knowing Google Analytics used to be ok because not that many people depended on their website to be such a forefront of their organizations. But, now we see that many times a website is the main communication piece a company will use, and to not know how that piece is performing can lead to informed, rash decisions.

This eBook serves as education to what the most important aspects of Google Analytics are for a manager to look at. It breaks it down into simple, easy to digest sections and will allow you to conquer this tool. You shouldn't have to be afraid of your own data. With this guide, you can start making better decisions and ultimately grow your online presence.

Just click on the button to download, or head over to our Freebies page to read it right from your browser. Thanks for downloading and if you have more questions about Google Analytics and how it functions for your company, please feel free to give me a call (315-475-8453 ext. 231) or shoot me an email (

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