The Guy

By Joe Cunningham, Internet Marketing Manager

The guy could be a girl.  You should start out with that.” – Jesse Clayton, Art Director at Cowley


We do a lot of websites.  It’s a pretty complicated process and requires a lot of client collaboration: understanding how the company wants their website to look and work, what they want it to say, technical back and forth from the programmers on either side, etc.  We do it all the time and we rock at it (if I do say so myself).

One thing is clear, however, and it’s something our web design team seeks to identify at the outset of every project: we always need a “guy.”

Who Is “The Guy?”

Since I handle the marketing of the website and not the site itself, I’m not as directly related to the web design projects as the programming and art departments are, so I had to go fishing around the office for more concrete info on “the guy.”

GuysI caught up with Chris MacSaveny, our Web Developer, after our company pizza lunch meeting today.  (I think I’m going to check the fridge for leftovers, I’ll be right back.)

This is what Chris had to say about “the guy.”

“He’s someone who is able to make decisions, provide web content and contacts…”

“You can ask him questions and he’ll get the answers,” added Jesse.  (And that’s when Jesse gave me the opening line.)

I asked Gail (our VP) about it and she simply said, “There’s got to be a guy.”

“The worst thing,” said Chris, “Is having a committee with no head.”

“Too many cooks,” I said.

“They've got to be able to make decisions,” Chris said.

Examples of “The Guy”

We coined the phrase while working with Matt Devendorf from Tactair (a recent web redesign project by Cowley, see it here).  Matt is really “thee guy!”  He was always cool about facilitating anything and everything our web design team needed to finish the project.  There wasn’t anything he couldn’t do that needed to be done, and there wasn’t anyone else we needed to talk to.

The Dos Equis GuySometimes we do projects with several “guys” or sometimes our “guy” has to take the work home and get feedback from his “guys.”  Either way, “the guy” is essential.

“It’s the person who gets it done,” said Tracey Gregory, our Project Manager, “I don’t know what else to say [laughs], he’s 'the guy' – there’s really no other way to describe it.”

So who’s “the guy” in your company?  Chances are it’s pretty obvious.  In broader circles, he’s known as the “go-to guy” or "the point-person."  The Dos Equis guy is “the guy” for four international companies.  "The guy" sings karaoke well without getting drunk first.  He also can lead trivia.  He never washes whites with colors.  (Lol, I love those commercials.)

Getting back to the beginning, around here, our "guy" is definitely a girl – Tracey our Project Manager.  If you need something done, you ask her; and it gets done, every time.

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