How Being Unique Can Generate Results

By Zachary Clark, Account Coordinator

Every business tries to be different and almost no two are exactly the same, like fingerprints. We all have swirls on our fingers, and as businesses, we all have different strengths and core competencies. But, although we aren’t all identical, many of us can’t claim that we are truly unique.

Being unique isn’t as simple as slapping a funky name on your company, or saying how cool you are in your renovated old building. Being unique is something that is procured deep down inside you and stems into the lifeblood of who you are as a business.

Take for example Hubertus von Hohenlohe. You’re probably thinking Hubertus von Who? He is a member of the Mexican national ski team is competing in the 2014 Winter Olympics. Not only is he going for glory on one of the world’s largest athletics stages, he’s also garnering national media attention for what he’s wearing.

How creative can someone be with a skin-tight skiing uniform? Well, just ask von Hohenlohe. He’s turned the usual into the uncommon with his unique spin on what he’ll be wearing down the slopes. His outfit is Mexican themed and made to look as if he’s about to strum a guitar or blow on a trumpet in a mariachi band.

He is truly embracing the concept of unique. And it’s paying off for him. Analysts suspect he won’t be in medal contention during his event, but that hasn’t stopped national media outlets from talking about him and his outfit.

What von Hohenlohe is doing for his personal brand can be directly applied to what you do for yours. Having the ability to do something that is truly out of the ordinary and gets people talking is a recipe for success. You can be the largest operation in the world, the small corner store down the street, or a Mexican skier. Either way, everyone has the opportunity to be noticed by just being a little creative and whole-heartily different with what they’re doing.

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