Internship Reflection

Aug 28th, 2013

By Mitchell Piper, Marketing Intern 

Topic(s) Covered: About Cowley, Advertising

After what seemed like a very short summer, my time here at Cowley has come to an end. Before I leave however I feel like I need to write one more blog post explaining how truly great of an experience I had here at Cowley Associates this summer.  


The responsibilities varied day by day. On any given day, I could be doing anything from writing a press release to moving content to a new website. I also spent a lot of time working with Joe on updating social media and writing blog posts. Of course I always had to take time out of my day to beat Jessie, Chris, and Zach in pig on the mini basketball hoop. More seriously I learned a lot of things simply by listening and observing around the office. I learned a ton listening to presentations to clients. I also learned a lot sitting in the Monday morning production meeting and new business meetings. It was very rewarding watching and being a part of UMember – a new product that was developed from start to finish in my time here. Overall, I now have a great sense of how professional business should be conducted.

Poe and Mitch#PoeTheGnome

Poe was an experience in itself. I remember Tracey showing me Poe on my interview and thinking to myself these people are nuts. This is the same thought I’m sure people think when they see me walking with him now. Once I started the internship, I began to understand the meaning behind Poe and it became clear what an asset he truly was. Poe is a great connector and is getting pretty popular in the Syracuse business community. I had a lot of fun bringing Poe around to local businesses taking pictures and writing blog posts no matter how awkward it was sometimes. The idea behind Poe is brilliant and something I will always remember from my time here.

Biggest Takeaways

I believe one of the biggest things I am going to remember from this experience is the teamwork and just how everyone works together seamlessly. Everyone here has their place and they constantly exceed expectations. I’m honored I had the opportunity to work with everyone and be a part of the team even though it was only for a short time. If I ever need a website or any marketing services in the future there is no question I will be calling my friends at Cowley, because after all they are the best in the business.


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